Nicholas McCabe Photography
     I’ve always been drawn to creative and artistic endeavors. In the mid-1960’s I found myself behind a set of drums, and I’ve been there ever since. Other instruments have followed. Almost 40 years ago I fell in love with photography. I enjoyed it immensely, but couldn’t afford it at the time. About twenty years ago I jumped back into it when digital photography emerged. The ability to shoot as much as I wanted, as often as a wanted was a game changer for me. My first professional work was as a concert photographer and reviewer.  This job had me taking hundreds of photos per show and spending countless hours culling through and editing them. I've been published in Rolling Stone, Billboard, and various on line publications. I love it. Those were concert photographs. But there's more out there to focus on.
Taking that experience to travels around the world added to the joy by being able to take photos of our beautiful planet to enjoy and share with others. I plan to use this gallery to share the ones that excite me the most with the hope that they move you in some way. Images will come and go as I try to fine tune the selection with what seems to work the best.
I invite you to look through these and drop me an email with your thoughts or ideas.